7 years’ battery life waterproof ibeacon

7 years’ battery life waterproof ibeacon

Firmware: ibeacon (eddystone is optional)

Chipset: Nordic nrf51822/nrf52832

Battery life: up to 7 years

Bluetooth range: up to 150m

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– Programmed standard firmware

– IP67 waterproof

– ER18505 battery, up to 7 years’ battery life

– The max. 150 meters advertising distance

– Ultra-low power consumption chipset nRF51822(nrf52832 is optional) with ARM core

– Easy to print the logo on the center of top case;

Electronic Specification:

Item Value Remarks
Firmware BLE4.0/5.0 V1.6
Software iBeacon V1.6
Battery Type ER18505  4000mAh
Operation Voltage 2.0-3.3V DC
Frequency Range 2.4GHz-2.4835GHz Programmable
Frequency Error +/- 20kHz Null
Modulation Q-QPSK Null
Standby Current 28μA (average) Depends on duty cycle / broadcasting cycle
Broadcasting Cycle 1000mS Duty cycle / Advertising interval
Receiving Sensitivity -93dBm High gain mode
Transmission Distance 0-80meters BER<0.1%, Open space
Antenna 50ohm On board / PCB Antenna

Hardware Specification:

Item Value
Chipset Nrf51822/nrf52832
Size 58mm*40mm*27mm
Material of Shell ABS
Color White

Application of iBeacon:
1. Distributing messages at a specific Point of Interest. For example a store, a bus stop, a room or a more specific location like a piece of furniture or a vending machine. This is similar to previously used geopush technology based on GPS, but with a much reduced impact on battery life and much extended precision.
2. Indoor positioning system which helps smartphones determine their approximate location or context. With the help of an iBeacon, a smartphone’s software can approximately find its relative location to an iBeacon in a store. Brick and mortar retail stores use the beacons for mobile commerce, offering customers special deals through mobile marketing, and can enable mobile payments through point of sale systems.


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