Bluetooth BLE wifi gateway 4G support RS232/RS485

Bluetooth BLE wifi gateway 4G support RS232/RS485

This BLE gateway scans Bluetooth signal and upload it to cloud by WIFI or RS232/RS485

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BLE wifi gateway 4G support RS232 / RS485 

1. Product introduction:

G03 is designed for the enterprise Internet application design of industrial-grade bluetooth router, it supports all 4G netcom Ethernet, 2.4 GHz WIFI access networks, in order to realize the bluetooth low power consumption and the MQTT protocol transformation, customers can through the Internet application remote access to data for low power devices, it also supports RS232 / RS485 local access COM Port equipment, so as to realize the local of bluetooth data acquisition.

G03 has a coverage radius of 300 meters from the open space, supports custom escalation cycle, and supports the single package and upload of broadcast data of 300 Bluetooth devices.It provides more than 20 kinds of filtering logic for Bluetooth terminal devices, and reports data in JSON format, including gateway ID, bluetooth terminal device ID,RSSI, channel, broadcast name,UUID, custom broadcast data, etc. It is especially suitable for campus temperature monitoring, industrial automation, factory personnel positioning, asset positioning tracking, medical health monitoring, elderly health monitoring and other scenarios.

2.  Function:

Support BLE to 4G all-netcom, BLE to 2.4G WIFI, BLE to RJ45, BLE to RS232, BLE to RS485

Support for Web configuration of Bluetooth gateway parameters:

Support for docking customers’ own MQTT servers

Support for Alive interval custom configuration

Support for custom configuration of publish intervals

Support for custom configuration of the release cycle

Support special network card APN dial configuration

Supports more than 20 filtering Settings

Support to obtain broadcast data of specified channel, which is convenient to improve the identification accuracy of positioning application

Data deduplication is supported

Support bluetooth scan window customization

Support bluetooth scan interval customization

Supports bluetooth broadcast interval customization

Support firmware upgrade

Support AT instructions for configuring Bluetooth gateway parameters

Support “switch” “router” mode

Support to restore factory Settings

Support one-key reset

3. Processors and systems

Interface Controller & CPU: MT7628(580MHz MIPS 24KEc)

System: openwrt

communication mode: MQTT

Data packaging format: JSON

4. 4G/3G/2G Specification

Network format Frequency band Transmit power Transmission rate
LTE FDD B1/B3/B5/B8 23±2.7dBm Max 150Mbps(DL)/50Mbps(UL)
LET TDD B38/B39/B40/B41 23±2.7dBm Max 130Mbps(DL)/35Mbps(UL)
TD-SCDMA B34/B39 20~24dBm Max 4.2Mbps(DL)/2.2Mbps(UL)
WCDMA B1/B8 20~24dBm Max 384kbps(DL)/384kbps(UL)
EVDO&CDMA BC0 23~30dBm EVDO RevA:Max3.1Mbps(DL)/1.8Mbps(UL)
CDMA1x: Max 153.6kbps(DL)/153.6kbps(UL)
GSM 900/1800 33±2dBm/30±2dBm Max 85.6kbps(DL)/85.6kbps(UL)

5. Bluetooth Specification

Bluetooth stack version  BLE 4.2 (default), BLE 5.0
Modulation method  GFSK
Frequency range  2402 ~ 2480MHz
Transmit power  -20dBm ~ + 15dBm (default + 15dBm)
Receiving sensitivity  -96dBm
Scanning interval  20ms
Broadcast interval 100ms ~ 10s, default 100ms
OAD upgrade Support
Broadcast and scanning at the same time Support
Connection function need to customize
Maximum scanning quantity 250pcs sensor
Maximum scanning coverage 300 meters (in open environment, 2 meters from the ground)

6. WIFI parameter

Operating frequency:2.4GHz~2.4835GHz

Operating Mode:AP(Can be used to initially configure the gateway),Client,Bridge

Protocol standard:IEEE 802.11b/g/n

TX Power:20dBm(max)

Rx sensitivity:








Transmission rate:

802.11n:Up to 300Mbps

802.11g:Up to 54Mbps

802.11n:Up to 11Mbps


Electrical characteristics

Power supply:5V~36V

Power supply mode:220V AC Adapter,Output DC 12V~1A(Factory configuration)/The external battery is powered

Operation temperature:-40℃~+85℃

Storage temperature:-40°C~+125°C


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