Bluetooth gateway BLE to RS232/RS485

Bluetooth gateway BLE to RS232/RS485

Bluetooth to RS232/RS485 gateway

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Product features

G02 is small in size, powered by external power adapter or external mobile power supply and installed in hanging hole. Ew-dtu02 is easy to use. 

RS232 or RS485 interface can be used to connect the upper computer.

Supports scanning mode, slave mode, host mode, master-slave point-to-point pairing mode and variable ibeacon mode


Smart campus: temperature monitoring system, student positioning, clock in

Intelligent medical: infusion monitoring and early warning system, body temperature monitoring system, patient positioning, health monitoring

Smart pension: health monitoring and early warning, positioning of the elderly

Smart factory: asset monitoring and personnel positioning

Smart city: Environmental Monitoring

Intelligent agriculture and animal husbandry: Livestock positioning, livestock identification, greenhouse temperature and humidity monitoring

Bluetooth Specification

BT stack version  BLE 5.0
Modulation method  GFSK
Frequency range  2402 ~ 2480MHz
Transmit power  0dBm~+23dBm
Receiving sensitivity  -108dBm
Scanning interval  20ms
Ram/Flash 64KB/512KB
Working mode scanning mode, slave mode, host mode, master-slave point-to-point pairing mode and variable ibeacon mode
Antenna gain Peak 5dbi
Connection function need to customize
Maximum scanning quantity 250pcs sensor
Maximum scanning coverage 150 meters (in open environment, 2 meters from the ground)

Electrical Specifications:

Operational voltage  5V ~ 36V (default power adapter 12V 1a)
Power supply mode  5mm power interface / 5.08mm industrial terminal (anti reverse connection)
Operational current  65mA (max) @ 5.0V / 35mA (max) @ 12.0V
Power consumption  < 1W
Operational temperature  – 30 ℃ ~ + 80 ℃
Storage temperature  – 40 ° C ~ + 125 ° C


RS485 x1, 5.08 * 2 industrial terminal (a +, B -); RS232 x1, DB9 inner hole (can not be used at the same time)

Reset button: reset (short press) / restore factory settings (long press)

Serial port parameters: default baud rate 115200, data bit 8 bit, stop bit 1, no check, no flow control

Up and down resistance: 2K Ω

LED indication: power supply indication / TX indication / RX indication / ble connection

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