Wireless Joy Bluetooth Module Helps Electrical Tools to be Intelligent

In the field of electrical tools, large multinational brands such as Bosch and Milwaukee have embedded Bluetooth modules into ordinary electrical tools, thus making electrical tools enter a new stage of development. After purchasing a electrical tool with a Bluetooth module, users can connect with the electrical tool by downloading APP. Different from ordinary electrical tools, after connection, users can not only check the usage of the electrical tool, but also adjust the parameters of the tool, such as changing [...]

Bluetooth LED control module solution

The light control module solution is a low-power Bluetooth module solution specially designed for smart LED lighting. It is compatible with the Bluetooth Low Energy 4.0 (BLE) protocol. With the upgraded Bluetooth light public version APP, you can control the LED lights through your smartphone. Our Bluetooth Smart LED Light Control Module solution supports one-to-many, multi-to-many control modes, providing “turnkey” solutions for lighting companies, with comprehensive and detailed reference designs to facilitate customers to quickly develop products and market. Wireless [...]

BLE smart home solution

The smart home remote control mesh network solution includes a gateway (BLE+Wifi), a device, a cloud, and a smart phone, and provides a complete smart home networking and control system solution. It can realize various functions such as lighting, music system, security alarm, environmental monitoring, home appliance control, and automation operation. BLE network remote control scheme framework diagram BLE remote control networking solution, including gateway (BLE+Wifi), device, cloud, smartphone • The technology is inspired by the ripples on the lake and has applied [...]

BLE smart greenhouse solution

Smart greenhouse remote control networking solution, including gateway (BLE + Wifi), equipment, cloud, smart phone, provides a complete set of smart greenhouse networking and control system. It can realize various functions such as automatic monitoring environment of agricultural sensing equipment and automatic control of greenhouse equipment. BLE mesh network remote control solution framework Technical features • The technology is inspired by the ripples on the lake and has applied for invention patents. • Upgrade to Bluetooth 5 with the latest BLE4.2 technology support • Adopt [...]

Bluetooth electronic cigarette solution

The Bluetooth e-cigarette solution is a new e-cigarette solution developed by our company using Bluetooth low-power technology as a highlight. The solution adopts the Bluetooth single chip method to achieve cost saving, reduce power consumption and volume, and cooperate with the smart phone APP. Achieve multi-mode regulation of smoking taste, and also synchronize user usage data to the cloud to provide users with visual data analysis for tobacco control and smoking cessation purposes. The program can provide one-stop delivery service [...]

Tire pressure monitoring solution

The Bluetooth tire pressure detector is an automobile safety product designed by our company. It is mainly used for automatic monitoring and alarming of information such as low tire pressure, high tire pressure, rapid air leakage and high temperature of tires in real time. Provide effective information for the driver to maintain sufficient tire pressure, prevent the occurrence of puncture accidents, increase the safety of driving the car, reduce the extra oil generated by the tire tire pressure, and [...]

Car Bluetooth PEPS Solution

This solution is applicable to AEC-100 car front mounting specification Bluetooth module size: 25.16 (L) * 15.22 (W) * 2.6 (H) mm Bluetooth protocol stack: BLE 4.2, support for upgrading to 5.0 Transmitting power: -21dBm~+5dBm Receive sensitivity: -97dBm Standby power consumption: 3.6uA (CacheRTC operation and RAM hold) Working temperature: -40 ° C ~ +105 ° C Solution Overview The Passive Entry Passive Start, referred to as the PEPS system, uses advanced radio frequency technology to unlock the door and enter the car without the need to operate the car’s [...]