Bluetooth 4.2/5.0 BLE module

Bluetooth low energy module WJ-M404P/WJ-M404PC

Chipset: TI CC2640

Size:11.59*17.9*2.0mm/11.59*17.9*2.6mm(with shield case)

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As one of the mainstream wireless communication methods, the Bluetooth BLE module plays a vital role in the development of the Internet of Things. Its low energy consumption, high security and self-organizing characteristics make it a portable device without any doubt. Or an excellent replacement scheme for short-distance cable communication between devices. Therefore, the Bluetooth BLE module is widely used in various home appliances, instruments, meters, vehicle, industrial control, medical, health care, consumer electronics and other electronic products. It can communicate directly with the MCU for transparent transmission of data, or it can directly adopt its own single-chip method instead of the external MCU.

WJ-M404P/WJ-M404PC (with shield) Bluetooth low-power module (single mode) In normal cases, the data can be transparently transmitted through the UART/SPI external MCU;

WJ-M404P/WJ-M404PC (with shield) is ultra-small size and come with programmable ARM-Cortex-M3 processor (80KB available application code space) and rich hardware interface, which can be used for secondary development and embedded in complete Application. We provide the corresponding development kit

• If the mobile phone APP and the Bluetooth slave need to transmit large packets of data, the mobile phone Bluetooth must support BLE4.2 or above.

• Support for Bluetooth slave roles and Bluetooth host roles based on the BLE 4.2 protocol

• Bluetooth slave version supports OAD upgrade

• Bluetooth host version supports SBL upgrade

• The slave version supports both single-link and multi-link versions.

• Serial packet length, single link version supports up to 248Byte, multi-link version supports up to 20Byte

• High-speed two-way transparent transmission, the fastest two-way up to 12KByte/s (single link big packet transmission)

• Single link version default 20ms connection interval, fast connection

• User interface uses universal serial port design, full duplex bidirectional communication, baud rate range 9600bps ~ 256000bps (default)

• Supports bridge mode (serial port pass-through) or direct drive mode (no additional CPU required); direct drive mode supports SPI/UART interface

• Support SPI/UART instruction software reset module to get MAC address

• Support SPI/UART commands to adjust Bluetooth connection interval and control different forwarding rates

• Support SPI/UART command to adjust transmit power, modify broadcast interval/connection timeout time, modify serial baud rate, modify module name, all will be saved after power down

• Support mobile device APP/SPI/UART Modify module name, save power, save serial port baud rate, product identification code, custom broadcast content, broadcast cycle, save power

• APP/SPI/UART can operate all IO external expansion

• Support connection status, broadcast status prompt pin / normal IO flexible configuration

• Up to 24 bidirectional programmable IOs with external interrupts for input detection and full low power operation. (lighting control, remote control toys, and other input and output switch applications)

• Very low power standby mode

• Support APP/UART/SPI setting TX power/RX gain, adjust different transmission sensitivity for application distance adjustment

• Supports APP/UART/SPI free on/off broadcast for true deep sleep

Wireless Features:

Bluetooth version Bluetooth 4.2, support Bluetooth 5.0
Frequency range 2402-2480MHZ(2.4G ISM)
Modulation mode GFSK
Transmit power -21-+5dBm
Receiving sensitivity -97dBm(typical)
Transparent transmission mode (factory setting required) Universal host/transparent host/single slave/multi-slave/Beacon/Beacon+ slave
Upgrade method Support OAD upgrade / support SBL upgrade
Transmission distance 70m(in empty space)

Hardware Specifications:

Module size 11.59*17.9*2.0mm/11.59*17.9*2.6mm(with shield case)
Chipset CC2640R2F(4*4package)
Module communication interface UART/SPI
Module pin number 16PIN(10GPIO)
Antenna PCB antenna
Working Voltage (DC) 2.7 – 3.3V
Working Temperature -40℃-+85℃
Storage Temperature -40℃-+85℃

Software Specifications:

Multi-link feature Support is connected by 4 hosts at the same time, the module can not send data to 4 hosts at the same time, need to select channel
Multiple link rate 1K/s(single packet 20 Byte, bidirectional 20ms transmission interval)
Single link feature Only supported by 1 host link, can support large packet transmission
Single link rate 12K/S(A single packet can reach up to 248 Bytes, two-way 20ms transmission interval)
Baud rate 9600bps-256000 bps(Default 256000 bps)
Parameter configuration AT command
Wireless security AES

Power consumption specifications:

Active-Mode RX 5.9 mA max
Active-Mode TX @ 0dBm 6.1 mA max
Active-Mode TX @ +5dBm 9.1 mA max
Sleeping mode 3.97uA avg(turn off the broadcast, turn off any timers)
data transmission 2.75mA (avg)

Pin definition:

Pin No. Name Type Function Description
1 NC NC Not connect
2 DIO_2 Digital I/O UART RX;
GPIO, Sensor Controller (I:4mA max),
3 DIO_3 Digital I/O UART TX;
GPIO, Sensor Controller (I:4mA max)
4 DIO_7 Digital I/O Wake Up , Don’t floating.
GPIO, Sensor Controller.
high-drive capability (8mA max).
high-drive capability
7 DIO_16 Digital I/O GPIO,JTAG_TDO, high-drive capability(8mA max).
8 DIO_17 Digital I/O GPIO,JTAG_TDI. high-drive capability(8mA max).
9 VDD Power Supply +1.8V to +3.8V (Recommended 2.7~3.3V)
10 GND Power GND Ground
11 RESET_N Digital input Reset, active-low. Module have pull up.
12 DIO_23 Digital I/O GPIO, Sensor Controller, Analog(I: 4mA max)
13 DIO_24 Digital I/O GPIO, Sensor Controller, Analog(I: 4mA max)
14 DIO_25 Digital I/O GPIO, Sensor Controller, Analog(I: 4mA max)
15 DIO_26 Digital I/O GPIO, Sensor Controller, Analog(I: 4mA max)
16 DIO_27 Digital I/O GPIO, Sensor Controller, Analog(I: 4mA max)

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