POE Scan and Connection 2-way Communication Bluetooth Gateway Router BLE5.0 Bluetooth to WIFI

POE Scan and Connection 2-way Communication Bluetooth Gateway Router BLE5.0 Bluetooth to WIFI

POE Scan and Connection 2-way Communication Bluetooth Gateway Router BLE5.0 Bluetooth to WIFI

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Product Description

DTU03L is a low-cost Bluetooth gateway specially designed for commercial scenarios. It uses POE power supply or type-C power supply, and relies on Ethernet and 2.4GHz WIFI to access the network to realize data conversion between Bluetooth and MQTT protocols. Bluetooth gateways for scenarios such as smart healthcare, smart campus, and smart elderly care.
DTU03L is designed to help solution integrator quickly access their LAN servers or cloud servers under the premise of full indoor network coverage. It can also be connected to Alibaba Cloud MQTT to realize remote data collection or control requirements for Bluetooth terminals and to control them independently All data flows to ensure data security and privacy.
DTU03L supports scanning the broadcast data of Bluetooth devices, the reporting cycle supports customization, data package upload, deduplication, the maximum number of concurrent devices is 300/reporting cycle, and provides local filtering functions for more than 20 kinds of Bluetooth terminal devices, reporting The data is in json format, supports Aliyun mode, asset detection mode, raw data mode, semi-analysis mode, and supports automatic identification of device entry and exit status.
DTU03L also supports handshaking with any third-party Bluetooth BLE device to achieve two-way communication. Customers only need to call the instruction set of the gateway and develop the background business logic according to the protocol of the Bluetooth terminal.
In order to facilitate customers to get started, our company provides a full set of joint debugging test tools and test platforms, and provides corresponding technical support.


Smart campus: sports data monitoring in physical education class, health data monitoring in kindergarten, location check-in, body temperature monitoring
Smart medical care: infusion monitoring and early warning system, body temperature monitoring system, patient positioning, health monitoring
Smart elderly care: health monitoring and early warning, positioning of the elderly
Smart factory: asset monitoring, personnel positioning
Smart city: environmental monitoring, bicycle management
Smart farming and animal husbandry: livestock positioning, livestock identification, greenhouse temperature and humidity

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Block diagram of typical application system


Support POE power supply or Type-C power supply
Support BLE to 2.4G WIFI, BLE to RJ45
Support simultaneous collection of broadcast data of up to 300 devices
Support simultaneous connection of up to 6 devices for two-way communication (connection logic needs to be developed in the background)
Support local web management port to configure Bluetooth gateway parameters
Support for configuring MQTT server
Support docking with Alibaba Cloud MQTT
Support local filtering function
Support for obtaining broadcast data of a specified broadcast channel (to improve positioning accuracy)
Support firmware upgrade
Support factory reset

Product Parameters

Bluetooth Specification:

Blutooth version BLE 5.0
Modulation GFSK
Frequency range 2402 ~ 2480MHz
Transmit power 0dBm~+23dBm
Receiving sensitivity -108dBm
Scanning interval 20ms
Ram/Flash 64KB/512KB
Working mode scanning mode, slave mode, host mode, master-slave point-to-point pairing mode and variable ibeacon mode
Antenna gain Peak 5dbi
Connection function need to customize
Maximum scanning quantity 300pcs sensor
Maximum scanning coverage 150 meters (in open environment, 2 meters from the ground)

Processor and system:

Main control chip MT7628 (580MHz MIPS 24KEc)
System Openwrt system based on linux
Communication protocol MQTT IoT communication protocol (based on TCP/IP)
Data packaging format JSON

Electrical Specifications:

Operational voltage 5V ~ 36V (default power adapter 12V 1a)
Power supply mode POE power supply / 220V power adapter, output DC 12V~1A (default)
Operational temperature – 30 ℃ ~ + 80 ℃
Storage temperature – 40 ° C ~ + 125 ° C

Wifi Specification:

Working frequency 2.4GHz~2.4835GHz
Working mode AP mode (can be used for initial gateway configuration), Client mode, Bridge mode
Protocol standard IEEE 802.11b/g/n
Transmission power 20dBm (max)
WIFI name Easywphy#MAC last 2 bytes
WIFI password 12345678 (default)
Transmission rate 802.11n:Up to 300Mbps
802.11g:Up to 54Mbps
802.11n:Up to 11Mbps


Wired WAN/LAN port X1, rate 10/100M adaptive
Reset button: restore factory settings (reserved)
DIP switch: mode switching (reserved)
LED indication: connection indicator/power indicator/WAN indicator/WLAN indicator

Dimension and weight:


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