Scan & Connect Bluetooth Beacon Wifi 4G Bluetooth BLE5.0 Router Gateway Long Distance Smart Nursing Home

Scan & Connect Bluetooth Beacon Wifi 4G Bluetooth BLE5.0 Router Gateway Long Distance Smart Nursing Home

Scan & Connect Bluetooth Beacon Wifi 4G Bluetooth BLE5.0 Router Gateway Long Distance Smart Nursing Home

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Product Description

DTU05-CAT1 is a cost-effective 4G Bluetooth gateway designed for enterprise-level Bluetooth IoT applications. It supports full Netcom LTE-CAT1, ethernet or WIFI access to the internet.
DTU05-CAT1 is designed with a very open interface, which is convenient for users to deploy locally and can quickly access private MQTT servers.
DTU05-CAT1 can not only be used to monitor the broadcast signal of Bluetooth devices, but also supports remote control of Bluetooth devices. Its RF part has an additional PA function, which improves the transmission power and receiving sensitivity of Bluetooth, and uses an external high-gain columnar antenna, which greatly enhances the wall-penetrating performance of the Bluetooth gateway and the coverage radius in open distances.

DTU05-CAT1 can flexibly select function configurations according to the batch needs of users. In addition to flexible selection of network access methods (4G full Netcom, Ethernet port, 2.5G WIFI), scanning functions and two-way communication functions can also be flexibly selected. Large-scale deployment and implementation of the user’s IoT system.

DTU05-CAT1 can be easily installed on the wall or ceiling, and can also be placed on the table. This Bluetooth gateway also supports a 220V AC-to-DC power adapter with an output of 5-18V, and is equipped with a TYPE-C power supply interface as standard, supports 4G full Netcom, Ethernet, or WIFI access to the network, flexible configuration, highly adaptable to the environment.

DTU05-CAT1 can be used in elderly care, medical care, education, physical measurement, industrial automation data collection, sports, fitness, warehousing, agriculture, animal husbandry, breeding and other application scenarios, and the access is simple. In scanning mode, only need to subscribe to the gateway at the business end the publish topic can automatically receive the broadcast data of the Bluetooth device collected by DTU05-CAT1; in the connection mode, the user only needs to call the command interface of the gateway on the service side, and the user can remotely connect and control the Bluetooth device through the Internet application.


Smart campus: campus body temperature monitoring system for resumption of classes, student positioning, check-in
Smart medical care: infusion monitoring and early warning system, body temperature monitoring system, patient positioning, health monitoring
Smart elderly care: health monitoring and early warning, positioning of the elderly
Smart factory: asset monitoring, personnel positioning
Smart Cities: Environmental Monitoring
Smart farming and animal husbandry: livestock positioning, livestock identification, greenhouse temperature and humidity monitoring

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Support BLE to 4G full Netcom, BLE to 2.4G WIFI, BLE to Ethernet
Brand new configuration UI interface
Support localized deployment
Support access to Alibaba Cloud MQTT service Support access to private MQTT services
Support firmware upgrade


Processor and System

Main control chip nRF52840 (64 MHz Arm® Cortex-M4 with FPU)
RAM/Flash 256KB/1MB
Bluetooth version Bluetooth LE 5.0
Bluetooth roles support Central, Peripheral, Broadcaster, Observer
Concurrent connections point-to-point connections
Concurrent scanning package 100 devices for data upload
Filter function support
Working frequency 2402MHz~2480MHz
Debugging method GFSK
Transmission power 0dBm~+28dBm (default +28dBm)
Receiving sensitivity -105dBm
Antenna Gain Peak 2dbi
Transmission distance 350 meters coverage radius (open distance)
Communication protocol MQTT IoT communication protocol (based on TCP/IP)
Data packaging format JSON

4G Specification

Frequency band (all Netcom): LTE-FDD:B1/B3/B5/B8
Transmission rate: LTE-TDD:(uplink and downlink ratio 2) Max 8Mbps (DL)/ Max 2Mbps (UL)
(Uplink and downlink ratio 1) Max 6Mbps (DL)/ Max 4Mbps (UL)
LTE-FDD: Up to 10Mbps (DL) / Up to 5Mbps (UL)

Wifi Specification

Protocol standard IEEE 802.11b/g/n
Working frequency 2.4GHz~2.4835GHz
Working mode Client mode
Transmission power 20.5dBm (max)
Receiving sensitivity -98~-72dBm

Electrical Specification

Working voltage 5V~18V
Rated input DC 12V 1A
Average power consumption 108mA@12V/1A (avg 75mA)
225mA@5V/2A (avg 160mA)
Power supply mode power adapter (factory default)/Type-C DC power supply
Working temperature -40℃~+85℃

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