BLE smart greenhouse solution

Smart greenhouse remote control networking solution, including gateway (BLE + Wifi), equipment, cloud, smart phone, provides a complete set of smart greenhouse networking and control system. It can realize various functions such as automatic monitoring environment of agricultural sensing equipment and automatic control of greenhouse equipment.

BLE mesh network remote control solution framework

Technical features

• The technology is inspired by the ripples on the lake and has applied for invention patents.
• Upgrade to Bluetooth 5 with the latest BLE4.2 technology support
• Adopt broadcast + scanning technology, each node has a relay function to achieve multi-device networking
• Up to 64 networking devices can be determined according to the functions of the networking control.
• Individual/group control for each node device remotely
• Direct/group control for direct connection in a networked environment


• High stability and high security
• Remote control of networking equipment
• Directly connected device networking control
• Support for feature customization
• Distance between nodes up to 80m
• Up to 64 devices are networked
• Equipment relay distance up to 5km
• Up to 300,000 m2 control range

BLE smart greenhouse networking application scenario

1. Agricultural sensing equipment automatically monitors the environment
The sensor collects environmental data such as soil moisture, greenhouse temperature, nutrient content, pH value, carbon dioxide, air temperature and humidity, air pressure, light intensity, etc., and uploads data to the cloud platform based on the Bluetooth network transmission protocol, and the platform adjusts the temperature control system according to the environmental data in real time. , irrigation systems, etc.;
2, greenhouse equipment automation control
The sensor, the control system and the cloud platform are integrated with each other. When the trigger condition is reached, the fan, external shading, inner shading, drip irrigation, side window, wet curtain and other machinery in the greenhouse can be controlled by one button to realize remote automatic management;
3, intelligent greenhouse agricultural monitoring cloud platform
Through the cloud platform, you can view the environmental data, monitoring video, sensor status, device remote control, personnel management, etc. in the greenhouse in real time. At the same time, the staff can log in to the mobile APP to remotely view the key data of the nursery shed at any time and anywhere.

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