BLE smart home solution

The smart home remote control mesh network solution includes a gateway (BLE+Wifi), a device, a cloud, and a smart phone, and provides a complete smart home networking and control system solution. It can realize various functions such as lighting, music system, security alarm, environmental monitoring, home appliance control, and automation operation.

BLE network remote control scheme framework diagram

BLE remote control networking solution, including gateway (BLE+Wifi), device, cloud, smartphone

• The technology is inspired by the ripples on the lake and has applied for invention patents.
• Upgrade to Bluetooth 5 with the latest BLE4.2 technology support
• Adopt broadcast + scanning technology, each node has a relay function to achieve multi-device networking
• Networking devices can be up to 64 which determined according to the functions of the networking control.
• Individual/group control for each node device remotely
• Direct/group control for direct connection in a network disconnection environment

BLE mesh networking solution advantage

• High stability and high security
• Remote control of networking equipment
• Directly connected device networking control
• Support for feature customization
• Distance between nodes up to 80m
• Up to 64 devices are networked
• Equipment relay distance up to 5km
• Up to 300,000 m2 control range

BLE smart home networking application

Whole house equipment networking
Remote timing switch control
High stability and high security
Broken network can be directly connected to control

BLE smart home networking application scenario

  1.  lighting
    The lighting function can control all the lighting switches and brightness adjustment in the home, and can also adjust the color of each light through the set scene mode to create various atmospheres.
  2. music system
    APP remote time switch, fade-in and fade-out random background music playback, scene intelligence linkage
  3. Security Alert
    The security alarm function can monitor the security status of the home in real time through the camera, sensor and door lock at home. In case of sudden gas leakage and fire house, the security alarm can push the message to the user’s mobile phone and send an emergency alarm.
  4.  environmental monitoring
    The environmental monitoring function mainly monitors the temperature, moderation, PH2.5, etc. of the room through the temperature and humidity sensor. When the data exceeds the beneficial data of the human body, the window, door and window, humidifier and air conditioner are opened, or the above equipment is turned off.
  5. appliance control
    The home appliance control function enables remote control of home electrical equipment.
  6.  automated operation
    The automation function is when there is an emergency in the home, such as fire, electric leakage, water leakage or harmful gas leakage. At this time, the power supply in the home will be automatically powered off, and the window will automatically open and ventilate, and inform the user of the home situation.


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