Tire pressure monitoring solution

The Bluetooth tire pressure detector is an automobile safety product designed by our company. It is mainly used for automatic monitoring and alarming of information such as low tire pressure, high tire pressure, rapid air leakage and high temperature of tires in real time. Provide effective information for the driver to maintain sufficient tire pressure, prevent the occurrence of puncture accidents, increase the safety of driving the car, reduce the extra oil generated by the tire tire pressure, and extend the service life of the tire.

Working theory framework

  1. The system directly monitors the temperature and pressure of the tire through a monitor installed in the tire
  2. The data is transmitted wirelessly to the receiver, and the receiver displays the temperature and pressure data of each tire on the APP after data analysis
  3. The system detects abnormal conditions by continuously analyzing continuous data and issues alarms for different abnormal conditions.

Data interaction model

The tire pressure monitors transmit data to mobile in real time. It doesn’t need to be connected by mobile actively.


PCBA and Specification

Specification Value
Modulation mode GFSK
Accept sensitivity -96dBm(Typical value)
Frequency Range 2400-2480MHZ
Output Power -21 to +5dBm
Operating temperature -40℃ to 85℃
Storage temperature -40℃ to 120℃
Storage humidity <85%RH
Voltage 2 to 3.6V DC
Working battery 3V lithium battery
Pressure measuring range 0 to 188 Bar
Pressure measurement accuracy ±0.1 Bar
Temperature measurement accuracy ±1℃
Battery Life Up to 5 years




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