Wireless Joy Bluetooth Module Helps Electrical Tools to be Intelligent

In the field of electrical tools, large multinational brands such as Bosch and Milwaukee have embedded Bluetooth modules into ordinary electrical tools, thus making electrical tools enter a new stage of development. After purchasing a electrical tool with a Bluetooth module, users can connect with the electrical tool by downloading APP. Different from ordinary electrical tools, after connection, users can not only check the usage of the electrical tool, but also adjust the parameters of the tool, such as changing the gear and adjusting the speed, so as to achieve the purpose of improving work efficiency.
Our low-energy Bluetooth module solution WJ-M404P helps electrical tools to be intelligent. Based on the excellent Bluetooth 5.0 chip from Texas Instruments, it has excellent power consumption control and superior stability. The Bluetooth module solution has certifications such as Bluetooth SIG, FCC, CE, MIC, etc.; supports IOS 7.0 and above, Android 4.3 and above systems; supports wireless firmware upgrade, updates firmware at any time, supports key functions, sharing, and backup.
Under the current epidemic situation, the chip market is largely out of stock. With the strong support of TI, we have a dedicated Bluetooth wafer. To this end, we can avoid the shortage of chips in the market and provide WJ-M401 series and WJ-M404 series Bluetooth modules produced and sold by ourselves. Both series of modules have programmable ARM-Cortex-M3 processors (80KB of available application code space) and rich hardware interfaces. Customers can use them for secondary development and embed complete applications. We can also provide corresponding development kits.

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