Bluetooth electronic cigarette solution

The Bluetooth e-cigarette solution is a new e-cigarette solution developed by our company using Bluetooth low-power technology as a highlight. The solution adopts the Bluetooth single chip method to achieve cost saving, reduce power consumption and volume, and cooperate with the smart phone APP. Achieve multi-mode regulation of smoking taste, and also synchronize user usage data to the cloud to provide users with visual data analysis for tobacco control and smoking cessation purposes.
The program can provide one-stop delivery service for customers, from the software and hardware of the control board to the mobile APP platform, to the background access, and can provide a development-free public version platform, as well as brand-specific customized development. Services, and ultimately provide PCBA’s quantitative production testing and other supply services to comprehensively solve the technical difficulties of customers.

E-cigarette + Bluetooth is not a new topic. As early as 2014, there were companies that launched Bluetooth e-cigarettes that can be used to make calls. However, the concept of Shantou is mostly not practical, and it is difficult to produce actual economic benefits. Therefore, it has not become popular, which has led many industries to e-cigarettes + Bluetooth. There are many misunderstandings. In fact, Bluetooth is divided into low-power Bluetooth, classic Bluetooth and dual-mode Bluetooth. More people know about Bluetooth only in classic Bluetooth, which is the function that can be used to make calls, play music, and be familiar to the public. The Bluetooth mentioned in this program is low-power Bluetooth technology.

How close is Bluetooth BLE technology to us? In fact, all new smartphones have BLE function, the market penetration rate is close to 100%, Bluetooth consumes less power than WIFI, and is more suitable for devices that require lithium battery power, in the management and setting of devices for consumers. In the process, the convenience of BLE will be better. This makes the development of BLE quite fast.

Why should I add Bluetooth to e-cigarettes? Mainly to enhance the sense of experience, increase user stickiness, improve the health of smokers, through technological innovation, on the one hand, it is more conducive to market supervision, on the other hand, it is also more conducive to helping smokers achieve the purpose of smoking cessation and tobacco control.

For the development of the electronic cigarette industry, it is necessary to integrate innovative technologies that can produce positive market effects, in order to guide the healthy development of the industry. Since the qualitative issues of the electronic cigarette industry are controversial, it is difficult for entrepreneurs and capital to control risks, resulting in widespread R&D investment. Insufficient, many of the companies are small in scale, mostly relying on cottages and plagiarism.

For the level of government regulation, with the new Internet of Things technology, functions such as user registration and device activation can be added to increase the restrictions on the use of conditions, and to prevent the use of electronic cigarettes by minors. In the United States, for example, the United States is the largest in the world. In the e-cigarette consumer market, the applicable population of e-cigarettes has increased year by year, among which the youth groups are mostly. In order to regulate the market sales of e-cigarettes, the FDA has further increased the crackdown on the sales of e-cigarettes to underage enterprises.

For the user community, the e-cigarette really enters the consumer’s heart is the smoker who aims to quit smoking and control tobacco. Compared with traditional cigarettes, e-cigarette can significantly reduce the chronic substances such as tar and nicotine. In addition to damage, in addition to the ability to do more functions on the electronic cigarette device, but also reduce the complexity of the appearance, truly “internal and external repair” beauty.

For the manufacturer, it is possible to upgrade the remote device to improve the performance of the product by giving the necessary connection capability of the device, and make the product more vital and iterative. Through the APP’s value-added service, the consumer is more intuitively understood. Some of the problems and suggestions for product improvement, grasp the functional points of product iteration, to quickly respond to market feedback, seize the needs of consumers, and increase user stickiness.

In order to add new Bluetooth technology to e-cigarette products, U.S. local e-cigarette brand JUUL has invested hundreds of millions of dollars in research and development, and Japanese tobacco company Ploom Tech is also in progress.

Simply replace the traditional electronic cigarette MCU with a wireless MCU, ie a Bluetooth chip, to bring the product with wireless transmission function, with software upgrade and data upload function, and with the mobile APP, you can complete the traditional business model upgrade. Renovation, help brand upgrades, and make products better serve consumers.

Heating non-burning electronic cigarette structure function diagram

Cooperation mode:

Provide customers with embedded software development, hardware PCB design, APP development, and also provide API for developing APP. The app is developed by customers or third parties. One-stop development helps to increase the convenience and speed of joint testing. Project time, reduce project costs.

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